Water Buffalo Fights and Dances

October 31

I’m trying to post this from a wifi hot spot on a bus in Ghizou, so if they get posted out of order and/or without photos, please excuse me, and check back another time to check for photos.

Halloween. Looking forward to grandchildren photos, in costume, though it may take some time […]

Setting Forth

October 30

Buffet breakfast at hotel. Rearranged bags (took way too much) and they were picked up outside the room at 9 AM. In lobby, met the four group members who did not arrive until late last night, Lee (from California), Sally (from New Mexico), Sandy (from Colorado)and Jan (pronounced, “Yon,” from Boston and England). […]

Group Therapy

October 29

Final breakfast at hotel, and check out.

Mr. Pi shows up on time, Evan checking twice to make sure. Friendly guy, Mr. Pi (pronounced “pea”) and able to communicate in English. Uneventful trip to airport, arriving two hours early. Long lines, and unclear which one I need to be in. Had been unsuccessful […]

Something There is that Loves a Wall

October 28

Another great, and large, buffet breakfast at the hotel.

Evan arranged for me to be picked up by Mr. Zhang, Mr. Pi’s nephew. Pi had to attend a wedding, but will take me to the airport tomorrow. Evan estimated abbout an hour and a half drive to The Great Wall.

Miscommunication with Mr. […]

Of Bird’s Nests and Eggs

October 27

Some difficulty finding the person who was supposed to pick me up at the airport, but managed to connect after about half an hour. The 45-minute ride to the very upscale and beautiful Peninsula Hotel was traffic free, and check-in went smoothly. Able to post my first blog from China and check and […]