Tropicana, Without Desi.

April 27

Met in the lobby at 6:15 for a pre-dawn walk to catch the early light. Great opportunity to photograph old Havana just waking up.

Over to the bay to photograph some fishermen, then wend back to the hotel for buffet breakfast on the pleasantly cool rooftop. Hour to relax before […]

Praying in Spanish

April 26

Met group in lobby. Went into lobby Starbucks for coffee and came out to find the group had left on shuttle to airport, my luggage sitting in the lobby. Tough group. Called Nevada on her cell and took next shuttle to terminal. Hour and a quarter in various lines, overweight luggage fee of […]

Dreaming in Cuban

April 25

Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m starting to write this on April 22. Got to begin developing the mindset, and, besides, there are a few background matters to talk and think about, so here it goes.

First, thoughts about blogging. People ask me whether this doesn’t take an awful lot of time. Well, yes; […]


Well, I don’t leave until April 25 (actually, the 26th for Cuba), but I thought you’d better start getting ready. For starters, here’s a map.

Notice a few things. If you never knew where Gitmo, much in the news, was, now you do, Southeast tip, almost as far as you can get from Havana. […]