Art School, More Dancing and Prayer

January 31.

Up at the crack of dawn again coffee in the lobby at 6AM, then another Dawn Patrol. Spent most of the time working on two techniques; shooting reflections of buildings and people in puddles and panning shots of cars (moving the camera to create a blurred effect). Got a few reflections that I […]

More Street Walking and Dancing

February 1

Celebrated the advent of February by not getting up early for a 6:15 Dawn Patrol, instead starting the day with buffet breakfast and then meeting with the group at 8:45 to discuss the day.

We set off on foot into Cenral Havana, photographing street scenes as we walked along, poking into a flower […]

A Day with Eduardo

February 2

Breakfast buffet with Marjorie. Today is our “day off”. We’ve been given a host of possibilities, and the guides are at our disposal. Carol and I manage to nab Eduardo for ourselves, and we spend a delightful morning wandering the streets of Old Havana, Havana Vieja, with him, with no goal other than […]

Young Photographers and Film Makers

February 3

After breakfast at the hotel and a short meeting, our group, down to six because three have opted to go off on their own today, piles into the van for a drive to Cojinar, a small village outside Havana, where Earnest Hemingway lived, boated, drank and wrote. A bar we stop in has […]

Body Builders, Brides in Pink Cadillacs and a Farewell Show

Feb 4

Our last day in Cuba, as tomorrow is just a travel day.

After breakfast, we set out in our van for a beach with an old beach house and changing rooms. Carol and I were unenthusiastic about this outing and almost skipped it, except that we thought we should go because a lot […]