Prepare to Samba

Okay, ready? We take off late Thursday.

So, why Brazil? Because we’re not going to Bolivia. Now that may require a bit of explanation. I’d gotten the notion that we should go to Bolivia, so that when I told people we were going there I’d get to hear, “You’re going where?” Pretty much nobody goes […]

Let the games begin

April 24-25

Spent the day packing and getting ready (okay, piddling around) for our 9:30 PM departure, a non-stop flight to Sao Paolo, more than 10 hours and over 5000 miles away, where we’ll have a layover of about 3 hours before continuing on to Salvador de Bahia, a flight of a bit over […]

Mujeres de Calafate

April 26

Returned to the world of the living, after a great night’s sleep. Very good breakfast served to us on a lovely little tiled patio in the hotel. Able to check emails as we await the start of our full day tour with Gabriela, which starts at 8 AM.

To circle back to yesterday, […]

Kaleidoscope in the rain

April 27

Excellent breakfast in the hotel before being picked up by Gabriela for a walking tour around the historical old town at 9AM. The Pelourinho is situated in the historical center of Salvador. Declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1985, it is a great example of colonial history and symbol of the […]

Hi-Ho Hee-o, and Hurray for Mama Ruisa

April 28

After finishing our packing, on which we’d gotten a good start last night, we enjoyed another good breakfast at the hotel. Picked up by Gabriela and our driver at 8:30 and arrived at the airport two hours ahead of time for our 11:15 flight. We’re sitting here in a modern, but not very […]