On the Road to the Dunes

April 30. After breakfast at the hotel, we drive a short distance from Swakopmund to visit two poor townships nearby, Mondesa and DRC. They are a stark contrast to the prosperous city we spent the night in. Again, Nevada delivers photos she has taken last year to the people, including Agnes of Agnes Barber Shop […]

The Dunes

May 1​​​.  We arise very early and depart by 5 AM for an excursion in the Namib Naukluft National Park to photograph the dunes while the light is soft and the shadows accentuate their towering shapes and curves.  We drive about an hour to a spot Terry likes and hike a ways into the park […]

More Dunes

May 2.  Another very early start for a 5 o’clock takeoff for our balloon ride.  Six of the group elect to take this optional, but not inexpensive ($450 each) one-hour ride.  We get to the site and one of the pilots tell us that, because of the wind, there’s only a 50-50 chance we’ll be […]

A Few More Photos

Once again, cheating by not putting these in the places they belong, but hope you can enjoy them, anyway.


Back to Windhoek

May 3.  We return for a final time to see the dunes at sunrise.  They continue to amaze, appearing to have been sculpted expertly to change shape and color with the shifting light and the angle from which you view them.  We leave them behind, satisfied that we have not “overdune” them. Return to the […]