Prelude to a Grand Trip

May 2, 2016

Well, here’s the wind up to the trip that Carol and I leave on Wednesday. We’ve been incredibly fortunate in taking a shitload (that’s the technical term) of wonderful trips. Each time a trip we’ve planned approaches, we get excited about going. But neither of us has ever been as excited about […]

Stopping in Atlanta, and South African History

May 3

First, I promised you a link to Zoe’s blog, so here it is And, just remember, I’m gonna have to deal with this kid for 2 1/2 weeks.  To make it clear, I am not going to review or edit her posts, so, if she uses obscene language or otherwise offends you, […]

En Route

May 4-5 Wendy and entire family drive us and Zoe to the Atlanta airport. Phoebe is flying with us to DC, because she’s been invited to DC to spend a week visiting her cousins Jasper and Riley at Aunt Jodi and Uncle Robby’s house. Not Africa, but a nice consolation prize.  

Drop off and […]

Sabi Sabi

May 6

After a terrific buffet breakfast at the hotel, Freedom picked us up at 8:45 and drove us to the airport, where we waited in the comfortable and somewhat funky Federal Airlines lounge to catch our hour and a half charter flight to Sabi Sabi Bush Lodge.  

Zoe has overcome a challenge this […]

Second Day of Safari

May 7

Up and out at 6. Lovely, clean fresh air. Coffee and muffins, then off for early morning drive. Chilly and bumpy, but gradually the sun warms us. Animals sighted include zebras, impala, rhinos, wildebeests, lions and elephants. Photos below were taken with my iPad. Frustrating not to be able to download from my […]