Borneo Before Borneo

May 18.  We set off on our next adventure tomorrow.  Borneo is our primary destination. Friends have asked where Borneo is, and why Borneo. As to the first, I’m relying rather heavily on the pilot. But I know at least that, like many places to which we travel, it’s really far. Borneo is someplace between […]

Borneo (Excessive)

May 19. Okay, so here is the post in which I tell you more about where we’re going than you can possibly want to know, derived from sources from which I steal the information. Don’t feel badly if you don’t retain much of this. I won’t, either.

I’m publishing this from San Francisco, where we […]

Seoul Work, and on to Borneo

May 20. Today is the long haul from San Francisco to Borneo, with a stop in Seoul, South Korea. The Seoul leg is about 12 1/2 hours and we’re traveling business class, using miles. These long air trips are a price one pays for getting to the remote places we choose to visit. They’re well […]

Kota Kinabalu

May 21.  To close the book on yesterday, it was indeed a long day, about twenty-seven hours from the time we left our hotel in San Francisco until the time we arrived at our hotel in Borneo.  Though we encountered delays and curves in navigating our way through the Seoul airport and onto our flight […]


May 22. We are rise early this morning for a private bird watching excursion on a 64-acre site of coastal vegetation, which is habitat for over 60 species of birds, some which are are only native to Borneo. As our days in Borneo will largely be spent viewing birds and other flora and fauna, they […]