January 16, 2018. So, I started to write this a couple weeks before we take off, on January 18, for Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. (You may wonder, since we were just in Vietnam in October, why didn’t we just do Thailand, Laos and Cambodia then? Well, we didn’t realize that they were all so close. […]

Off to Thailand

January 18-19.

We’re in the business class lounge.

About to take off. Almost twenty hours to Hong Kong, then less than a two hour layover before our short flight to Bangkok.

We’ve never visited Thailand, but I spent much longer than I wanted in the Bangkok airport five years ago. We were flying to Hong […]


January 20

Long plane ride from Chicago to Bangkok via Hong Kong. Time to read all of Priestdaddy: A Memoir, by Patricia Lockwood, a very funny, interesting and well-written book (and one of the ten best of 2017, according to the New York Times Book Review).

Time to play with your iPhone X, taking photos […]

Floating and Royalty

January 21. After breakfast at the hotel, we depart on a large, luxurious bus for Damnern Saduak (Bangkok’s famed “floating market”). On the bus, our guide, Moo, talks to us about Thai culture and history. We learn the greeting “swatikop” ( for men) and “swatika” (for women), and the proper way to bow to show […]


January 22. After breakfast, we go to visit the ancient city of Ayutthaya. Founded in 1351 it was the capital of Thailand until 1767, when it was sacked by the Burmese, and the capital was eventually moved to Bangkok. First, we stop at the summer palace, beautifully manicured, but not all that interesting.

Thereafter we […]