Reflections on Colombia

February 18.  

February 18. Breakfast in the hotel, followed by a bit of repacking. Half of our group left for the airport at 5:15AM, but I have a civilized 11AM departure for a 2PM flight. So I take a last walk in Bogatá, sit at a cafe and have a couple decaf cappuccinos and […]

A Day in Bogotá

February 17  For our last day of the trip, we enter the center of the historic capital (population about nine million), accompanied by a terrific, irreverent, and very informative guide, Veronica, who makes both the history (particularly that of the indigenous people), and the current political situation come alive. It’s too bad that we did […]

To the Capital

February 16

Prior to our flight out, we breakfast at the hotel, then I take a walk alone around Riohacho for an hour or so, both the waterfront and a part of the town, gathering up some last Caribbean sun prior to our trip to the Andies. I like walls, as you can see below. 


Rancheria and Riohacha

February 15 After breakfast, we spend a little time walking around Santa Marta, which is very much more alive this Monday morning than it had been yesterday. 

              We set off along a good highway towards Riohacha, about a three and a half hour drive. PArid, desert-like conditions on our horizon; vast goatherds […]

Santa Marta

February 14 We depart after breakfast and drive four hours on a good highway to Santa Marta.  After checking into our hotel and eating lunch at a restaurant down the block, we depart at 3PM for an afternoon tour of the center and a look at evening’s glow on the Coast. 

Our guide, Diva, was […]