Between Trips, a Warm-up for Colombia

You probably wonder what the hell Carol and I do between trips. Answer: we take trips. For example, between our trip to Ecuador in June and the first of October, we were with our whole family in Grand Cayman over the Fourth for the third year in a row, we went up to Milwaukee to […]

En Route; More Than You’d ever Want to Know About Colombia

February 2 In Miami now, having taken a short flight from Tampa. Good news is I was able to check my bag through to Medellin, and so won’t have to go through the hassle of claiming, rechecking and going through security at MIA, which is always a zoo. Now, whether my bag actually makes it […]

Escalators and Cable Cars in Medellin

February 3

Flight from Miami to Medellin was uneventful. But the arrival was not, since, as I feared, my luggage did not make it. After all, they only had seven hours to transfer it in Miami. They say it’ll be here tomorrow. The email American sent told to me, “please remain confident that you will […]

Zócalos and a big rock

February 4. After breakfast at the hotel, we drive approximately two hours to Guatapé, stopping en route for coffee, sausages, etc at roadside restaurant.  


Guatapé is a picturesque lake town with zócalos, colorful designs of friezes on the lower parts of houses, and cobblestone streets. Many zócalos honor town traditions of fishing or […]

Carnaval, the First Night

February 5 After an early breakfast (5AM) we leave for our one-hour flight to Barranquilla, arriving late morning. We drive through traffic (which has been very heavy both in Medellin and here) to Hotel El Monterrey, which Nevada describes in our itinerary like this (Please note, this is the most expensive basic, itsy bitsy hotel […]