Take Off Aborted

August 11

Our flight back to Chicago is at 3:15PM today, but when we wake, I have a notice from American that that flight has been delayed 16 hours, until 7 AM tomorrow. At first I think there’s been a mistake or, worse, that I’ve booked the flight for the wrong day. A call to […]

Painters, Plays and a Fancy Meal

August 10.

John Edwards is a Welsh painter, who we met when we took Jodi and Wendy to London in 1985. Shortly before we were scheduled to return home, I admired a painting of John’s hung in a London gallery window. When I inquired of the gallery owner whether she had any other works of […]

Tower and Shorthand

August 9

We started out the day at the Tower of London, learning about its storied and bloody history from our entertaining guide, one of the Tower Warders.Here are the girls, the Tower, the guardians of the Royal jewels and the impressive Tower Bridge.From the Tower, we went to meet our friends, Pat and Steve […]

Tate a Tate

August 8

Breakfast at the flat (eggs today), stop at cleaners and then off, crossing London Bridge

To the Globe Theater, meticulously reconstructed to reflect its look 400 years ago. Ran into Poor Yorick and admired Christopher Wren’s St. Paul Cathedral and the Millennium Bridge across the Thames. Our guide for the Globe tour was […]

Wandering Chipping Campden, Back to London, Mice

August 7

Margaret fixed breakfast, then we took a lovely walk together around Chipping Campden, Margaret and Nick narrating the sights and history of this quaint, utterly charming place, and introducing us to neighbors we passed. Wandering around a place aimlessly is my favorite thing to do on pretty-much any trip, giving you time to […]