Reflections on tribal India

October 26

Okay, en route back to Chicago, time to recap and reflect a bit.

Various of you have commented to me that you thought taking this trip was “gutsy” or “brave”. In truth, I did not think of it in that way when I planned it. On reflection, though, I guess I accept those […]

Bargaining for goats

Up for a 5:30 breakfast before shoving off for a final market, then continuing the five-hour drive to Vishakhpatnam airport and my flight to Delhi. After a layover of eight hours during which I’ll have a room at a Marriott, I continue on my non-stop flight to Chicago. Fro, the time I depart for the […]


October 25

We set off at 6 AM for the Bonda market, in Onkudelli, a drive of some three hours. The market happens every Thursday., and also attracts gaddaba,didaye,Mali and Raina tribes. On the road, we pass four men toting heavy double loads of firewood.

There are approximately 6000 members of the Bonda Tribes–one of […]

Konds and Coughs

October 24

Set out at the ungodly hour of 5:30, having already breakfasted. We have about a 3-hour drive to (what had better be) the terrific Kond market, called Chatikona, which operates only on Wednesday. There are approximately 1.8 million Konds in India.

Before giving you a rather lengthy discourse on the Konds, I’ll tell […]

Villages and Pottery

October 23

After breakfast, we set out for a village some 40 kilometers away, called Boda Podder. We pass men working in the fields with water buffaloes.

As we pass through villages we see daily life, women gathering water, a man squatting, brushing his teeth by the road, a group of men dressed in Western […]