Homeward Bound, Reflections

March 19

Shuttle to the airport, then ride modern airport transit train to our terminal,

where we have a couple hours to breakfast and hang out in the VIP Lounge before our non-stop 9-hour flight home. For those of you who recall the opening posts of this trip in which photos of our luggage 51 […]

Leaving Kasbah Tamadot for Madridj

March 18

Note: because I failed to put a title on yesterday’s blog post, you may have had difficulty finding it. Here’s a link in case you’d like to read it now https://dualartspress.com/6775-2.

Having packed yesterday, we have a relaxing morning after breakfast at the hotel. Carol reads on our balcony; I sit out by […]

The High Atlas Mountains

March 17

Breakfast at our hotel, looking out at the High Atlas mountains.

Here are a few photos to give you only a very small taste of our fabulous hotel.

The ceiling of our room

The rubber ducky with fez on, perched on the side of our tiled bathtub/shower.

View of the pool and […]

Farewell Dar Ahlam, Hello High Atlas Mountains

March 16

Sadly, this is our last day at Dar Ahlam. After breakfast, we’re driven to an almond grove, where our guide, Fouad, takes us on a 45-minute walk that lasts for an hour and 45 minutes, winding through the shade of the trees and into what once was the old city, in which Berbers […]

A Walk by Kasbah

March 14- 15

To continue where I left off, after lunch yesterday, Carol opted to go on a walk, and I decided just to enjoy this lovely place, relax and blog, inside and out. Passed on the thought of swimming as a bit too energetic.

Went upstairs to the room for a welcome shower and […]