Free Day

January 27

Free day and I decide to take it very easy.

Arose early again and was picked up by a taxi at 6AM and driven the short distance to see th monks again. A very different scene than yesterday; no rain and many more people lining the curbs to give alms as the monks […]

Another Day on the Mekong River

January 26. After breakfast at the hotel, with elephants across the river,

we again board our private boat for the continuation of our Mekong river trip to Luang Prabang.

We stop at a small town where we are greeted by kids on the beach. I stay on the boat, because my hip is bothering […]


January 20

Long plane ride from Chicago to Bangkok via Hong Kong. Time to read all of Priestdaddy: A Memoir, by Patricia Lockwood, a very funny, interesting and well-written book (and one of the ten best of 2017, according to the New York Times Book Review).

Time to play with your iPhone X, taking photos […]

Traveling at home

In less than a month, Carol and I will be traveling to Borneo.  This post has nothing to do with that trip. The pool in our condo building is undergoing some major repairs requiring a few months to complete.  I’ve joined a neighborhood health club so as to be able to swim in the interim. […]

The Psychological Targets Information

I began to appreciate writing in high school in my own freshmen on creating the composition, English category. Since that time, I have had a love for the form. Although experts bash on it for its meeting and expected not enough creative possibility, a clear, brief, argument- essay that is driven generates my respect. Besides […]