Seoul Work, and on to Borneo

May 20. Today is the long haul from San Francisco to Borneo, with a stop in Seoul, South Korea. The Seoul leg is about 12 1/2 hours and we’re traveling business class, using miles. These long air trips are a price one pays for getting to the remote places we choose to visit. They’re well […]

Traveling at home

In less than a month, Carol and I will be traveling to Borneo.  This post has nothing to do with that trip. The pool in our condo building is undergoing some major repairs requiring a few months to complete.  I’ve joined a neighborhood health club so as to be able to swim in the interim. […]

Farewell to London

September 18 Though we do not leave until late afternoon, we have decided to laze around. It’s a Sunday, so things will not open early, and we need to leave quite a bit of time to get to and check in at Heathrow. Besides, we’ve run around a good deal, so resting does not sound […]

Early Morning Walk, River Cruise in Mompos

February 10 In the early morning (5:30) we take a walk around town, waking up with the city and watching it come to life. We stop for a small, strong cup of coffee at a small square, then go to watch school children in uniform arrive at their school around 6:15, riding on the backs […]

En Route; More Than You’d ever Want to Know About Colombia

February 2 In Miami now, having taken a short flight from Tampa.  Good news is I was able to check my bag through to Medellin, and so won’t have to go through the hassle of claiming, rechecking and going through security at MIA, which is always a zoo.  Now, whether my bag actually makes it […]