Botswana Ahead

April 11. We are off to Botswana this morning, after our brief stop in Johannesburg overnight. Once we leave Joburg, we’ll have no WiFi for about nine days. But, not to worry, I’ll be keeping the blog and will post it a day at a time, once we return to civilization. Consider the nine days […]

Ghana Ahead

March 31. Well, Carol and I, and our granddaughter, Phoebe, take off for Ghana on Monday, so here are a few random facts about Ghana that I lifted from Wikipedia, augmented by NYT articles. (If you want to see Phoebe’s blog, which will be much more interesting than mine, you can go to She […]

Phoebe’s Trip.

April 2. This is Phoebe’s trip, two years in the planning.

Here’s a recent picture of Phoebe in the Peter Pan Jr. t-shirt, which she received when she played the role of Wendy in the production. A couple weeks before the show, we asked her how rehearsals were going. She said they had started to […]


April 3.

Well, we made it.

Phoebe’s whole family came out to the Atlanta airport to see her off. We’re early, so we spend a couple hours in the Delta Sky Club, where some casino is played

before flying from Atlanta through NY (JFK) where, of course, Phoebe was on Google Hangout with her whole […]

A Very Special Well, Pineapples and the School for the Deaf

April 4. Today after breakfast in the concierge lounge, we drive approximately 1 1/2 hours passing through lines of stores and markets. All of these would make great photos, but it’s impossible to take them from the car. I take some intentionally blurry shots to try to convey the sense of passing through, but the […]