On to Little Vumbura

April 17.

After breakfast this morning, we take a 3-hour game drive to the airstrip. We locate our THIRD group of wild dogs and spend time watching them. We also spot a range of other game, including hippos, crocodiles and elephants, as well as many birds. All of this is still terrific, but becoming somewhat […]

Last Four Days of Tent Safari, Additional Photos

For some reason, I could not add these additional photos to my other post, so here they are.


Last Four Days of Our Mobile Tent Safari

April 13-16. The remainder of our time on mobile Safari was equally magical. One might think that it would become tiresome, or at least less interesting, as time progresses, but in fact the opposite is true. You settle into your routine and become more comfortable in the environment. This process of settling in takes a […]

Going to the (Wild) Dogs

April 12. We survive our first night in a tent in the bush. I’d be lying if I said I was giving serious thought to making this my permanent new life style, but for six nights it will be a great and fun experience.

We’re awakened at 6AM, have a light breakfast and are off […]

Into the Bush

[NOTE: We’ve now made it home. This and subsequent posts were written when we had no WiFi and so could not post.]

April 11. Excellent buffet breakfast at hotel, then driven by Freedom to the airport and checked in for our hour and a half flight to Maun, Botswana. There, we shift some clothes and […]