Orchids in the Rain, then Back Home

November 14

Last day in Singapore was a full and tiring one, the latter due in part to it being the end of a long trip, in part to a lot of running around and in part to the hot, humid weather. Best aspect was the chance to spend a lot more time with Rinpoche.


Singapore: Modern Ways and Rinpoches

November 13

Off plane about 10:20. No line at immigration. Bags were among the first off. Met by my air conditioned car, with wifi. As we get close to Raffles( my grand, 125-year old hotel), driver calls the hotel to say we’ll be arriving soon. I’m met at the door by a young lady, who […]

Reflections on Travel and Photography in Guizhou

November 12

After an early breakfast, we set off for the Guiyang airport at 7:30, expecting to arrive by 10 AM. Evelyn had an early morning flight, so left to stay in Guiyang after dinner last night. All of the rest, except for Sheilah, are on the same flight to Beijing. Sheilah and I fly […]

Winding Town, a Final Market and Farewell Dinner

November 11

Set off after breakfast (scrambled eggs again) for the old part of Kaili, a city that has grown dramatically over the past decade or so to a population of about 400,000. Judging from the enormous amount of new construction that we can see from our hotel window, it’s probably destined to at least […]

Master Weavers and a Chaotic Festival

November 10

Breakfast in the hotel includes some scrambled eggs, so I actually eat a real morning meal.

Stopped at Wengxiang village, where we saw a terrific master weaver named Madam Li Jing Ying and her mother, Deseng, who wove, sang and did a little dance for us. Went overboard on the photos, as I […]