Reflections on Cuba, and Hasta Luego

May 3

Early breakfast on the roof, before setting forth for the airport. On the bus I read the spoof blog that I wrote of what really happened on our trip, which is very well received by the group. We have three hours at the airport, which I spend talking to Doug, Isabella and Michael, […]

Crabs and Photos of Che

May 2

Breakfast at the hotel and depart by 8 AM for Havana.

Run into a whole bunch of crabs, making their way from the ocean across the road that we are on. We stop to photograph them.

Drive the rest of the way into Havana, arriving around 2 PM. We are dropped at […]

Revolutionary Fervor and Whispering to Horses

May 1

May Day, Labor Day in Trinidad, and we head down very early to the parade site, Cespedes Park, where people slowly gather. Once the time comes, though, just about the entire town is there, some of them under government pressure to come, others because they want to enjoy the festivities. The mood is […]

African Gods and Horses in Homes

April 30

I opt to skip the early morning walk, so head off, after breakfast at the hotel, around 9 AM. First stop is a dance performance, at Palenque de los Congos Reales, an African/Cuban dance with dancers representing various African gods, then some rumba dances. Performance is good, if a bit repetitive of others […]

Trinidad: Pigs and Cigars, with Charm

April 29

Finish packing, then up for rooftop buffet breakfast before setting off at 8 for long bus ride. On bus, Nevada talks about photography, much of which I’d heard in China, but it’s helpful to hear it again and be reminded. Several of the people on the trips are techie geeks, so there is […]