Art School, More Dancing and Prayer

January 31.

Up at the crack of dawn again coffee in the lobby at 6AM, then another Dawn Patrol. Spent most of the time working on two techniques; shooting reflections of buildings and people in puddles and panning shots of cars (moving the camera to create a blurred effect). Got a few reflections that I […]

Raul and Rhythm

January 30

Down in the lobby by 6AM for coffee, before setting out on Dawn Patrol, led by Kip and Jennifer, along with five members of our two groups. Walk down the Prado, a wide boulevard with a center strip that teems with people during the day, but is empty in the early morning, before […]

Parked at the Parque Central

January 29

Meet in hotel lobby at 7:30 for the five-minute bus ride to the airport to catch our 11 AM American Airlines-run ABC charter flight. The Workshop does not believe in cutting things too close. Rather slow lines, but nothing extraordinary on the U.S. side. Starting to talk to and get to know others […]

Almost There

January 28.

Attended a very good morning lecture in Sarasota called, “The Reform that Wasn’t” about Wall Street, given by William Cohan, who has written three books on the excesses of the investment banking world. This was part of a series of lectures, most of which are on foreign policy issues, that I am signed […]

Cuba Before Cuba

January 27, 2014

Because there are so many wonderful places to see in the world, it is rather rare for Carol or me to return to a place we’ve been before, no matter how much we enjoyed it. Why, then, am I returning to Cuba only nine months after having been there?

Three reasons, really. […]