Birding in the Rain

june 19. Up at 5:30. No electricity and therefore no hot water. We later find out that a landslide has wiped out electricity and it’s unclear when it will be restored. We start out on a walk, but soon it begins to rain, so we decide to turn back. I guess it’s supposed to rain […]

Hummingbirds Galore, Let the Birding Begin

June 18. Today we rise very early, 4:30 am and get on our way by 5, since we have a variety of habitats that we want to explore. We are picked up by our birding guide, Josue. The hotel has packed box breakfasts for us. Our drive to Guango Lodge initially leads us through the […]

A Day in Quito

June 17. Okay, here are a couple photos of our hotel that don’t come close to doing it justice. I have no idea what this place costs (because we pay a price for the entire trip, and it’s not broken down), but if you ever have the chance to stay at the Hotel Casa Gagontena–DO!! […]

On the Way to Quito

June 16, 2015 Well, we’re off to Ecuador. This is a special trip for us, for reasons I’ll disclose in a later post.

But, for now, thoughts about what’s ahead.

Compared to what we’re used to, this should be an easy trip. We fly through Miami to Quito, and the flight to Quito is just […]

Get Ready for “The Boids”

Okay, so are you packed, ready to go see some fabulous birds in Ecuador?  

First, more than you’d ever want to know about that country.

Ecuador, about equal in area to Nevada, is in the northwest part of South America fronting on the Pacific. To the north is Colombia and to the east and […]