More Villages, a Market and Staying Put.

October 22.

Leon, the Australian owner of the place I’m staying at brings breakfast down to the cottage. He knows that I’m not happy with the room arrangements and is trying his best to make up for it. Much more on that, later.

After breakfast, Prashant and I walk few steps to see a village […]

On The Road to Kakiriguma

October 21

Breakfast at the lodge then set off for what will be a long day on the road, but broken up by several stops.

Our first stop is in Kotpad to walk around and see textiles made by tantes, who are weavers (tanta means loom). This is not a tribal village, but walking through […]

Bastar Dushera —Day Three

October 20, 2018.

I contacted Shonali to ask her to change my schedule so that I could stay another day in Jagdalpur to witness the end of the festival, the return of the stolen chariot by the king. Prashant, who was to have been my guide today in Orissa, was informed of the change too […]

Bastar Durshea—Day One

October 18

Up for breakfast at 7, lovely morning with birds chirping and greenery all around. Two English women are the only other guests and, apparently, I’ll be visiting a village with them this morning. Jaspreet arrives for breakfast, and we set out around 8AM, for what promises to be an interesting, but long day.


Cave paintings and kabadi

October 16.

Breakfast with the French group, who have definitely warmed up a good deal to me. Babbu and my driver, Tinku, pick me up, and we set off for Old Kanker and walked around, seeing several temples, and cows, then happened in on a school with kids praying and singing the national Anthem. I […]