Chauffeured to Henley

September 13 After coffee with Tom, we were picked up at Tom’s house this morning by our friends Pat and Steve Hemmens. As you will learn, one could hardly have chosen anyone better to be chauffeured around by. Back in 1976, as a young partner at my law firm, I was fortunate to have a […]

Tubes and Hockney, and a Bad Play

September 12 Morning coffee with Tom at his house. We wait for a call Tom is expecting from a travel agent we had put him in touch with in Dehli, Shonali Datta, who planned two wonderful trips for us in India. Tom and Judith were intending to go (back, as they’d been there before) to […]

More Meals and Conversation on a Lovely Sunday

September 11 Spent the morning talking with Tom, first in his kitchen then, taking advantage of the glorious weather, outside in his garden. We picked up Judith around noon. Judith, a longtime friend and close companion of Tom is a graphic artist and works in publishing. Though we’d met Judith before, we got to know […]

The Chez Handler

Sept 10

Flight to London is duck soup.  When you’re accustomed to flying upwards of 20 hours, 7 1/2 hours seems like a shuttle.

What evil person invented the Sudoko?  No matter how carefully I do them, I always get a faulty one that has a mistake in design that prevents my finishing it.  You’d […]

Crossing the Pond, After Half a Century (Almost)

September 9-10 

Crossing the pond, to London. I debated whether to blog. After all, my followers are used to exotic trips in which I need to start with a map of where the hell I’m off to now. Would they be interested in something as, well, mundane as England? And then, I remembered that I […]