Birthday in Ibadan

January 4

Okay, I gotta start out with a shout-out to somebody who is not in Nigeria, but who is responsible for bringing Nigeria to you. The other day, I’d finished the post about the wedding/engagement, loaded pictures and the damn blog app crashed. Now how many of you think that made me happy? Right.


The Day After

January 3

Up for breakfast with the Kipharts at the hotel. Some of the young people at the wedding, including Ayo, the groom, Dayo, the bride’s sister, and Tobi, the bride’s brother, come by to visit. They partied until 3 or 4 AM, but look no worse the wear for it. Ah, youth.

So, maybe […]

A Wedding ( Technically, an Engagement) to Remember

I am having trouble with the blog app, so I am trying to publish what is a draft of this post and hope to modify/finish this afterwards. If there’s a delay in future blogs, that is why. There may not be any photos.

January 2

Start the wedding day with buffet breakfast in hotel with […]

Over the Atlantic on New Year’s Eve

December 31, 2014-January 1, 2015

We are winging our way over the Atlantic, en route to Nigeria and Ghana. Our friends, the Kipharts, are with us, but in the front end of the plane. Our friends, the Olopades, are in Nigeria already and will meet us when we arrive. This is our fifth trip to […]