Eka-ing Out a Great Day

May 31. After breakfast and checking out of the lovely and charming Phoenix Hotel

 we meet our new guide, Eka. She is fabulous. Perfect, understandable english, upbeat manner, knowledgeable and fun. It’s as if a large weight has been lifted from around our necks. On the half hour drive to the Prambanan Temple complex we […]

To Indonesia

May 29. View from our hotel room is not too shabby. After breakfast at the club room at the hotel, we are transferred back to the airport for our full day’s journey (with stops in Singapore and Jakarta) to Jogyakarta on the island of Java in Indonesia. Check-in goes fine in the Kota Kinabula airport […]

An Interlude: Impressions from a Nightime Game Drive

This is not a normal post, as it attempts to capture my impressions of a single event that lasted only an hour and a half. These photos were all taken on May 25, in a truck on a night drive from my seat behind the “spotter,” who shines an extremely bright light back and forth […]

Bird’s Eye View of Birds

May 26.  We arise early for a sumptuous breakfast served by our adorable butler, Jariah, in our private pavilion overlooking the river with a backdrop of forest.  Doesn’t get much better than this.  There is ample food for ten, at least, and we’re all embarrassed by the waste and have told Jariah that we’d like […]

Cruising Rivers and a Lake

May 24. Today we explore the Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary, with three separate cruises, the first starting at 6:15 and ending at 10, with breakfast back at the lodge. After relaxing and lunch, to avoid the heat of the day, we set out again at 4, return for dinner at 6 and then set out on […]