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    Wonderful update. I love this part of England
    Sorry the play wasn’t good….big disappointment. Hope your weather continues to be good.

  • D. J. (Jan) Baker

    Arnie – thanks for once again allowing your friends to look over your shoulder and vicariously enjoy yet another trip!

    This one – through its commentary and photos – more than conveys the sense of being there with you and Carol, just as your posts from other journeys have done as well. And, I assure you that your iPhone photos are more than adequate to capture the sense of place as you make your way through London and the surrounding countryside!

    It is particularly wonderful to see the juxtaposition of your “then” and “now” photos and hear about how long you have known the people with whom you are reconnecting once again on this trip. Friendships of the duration of those you are describing are increasingly rare, and you obviously recognize their value and work to maintain them.

    Of course, the most wonderful aspect of all for the whole trip has to be the fact that the two of your are doing it with Zoe and Phoebe. Imagine the photos and memories that they will have at an equivalent time in each of their lives!

    Your public looks forward to more posts and blogs!




    Ah London and the countryside.
    You are making me want to go!

  • Kay Osborne

    Arnie, you’re outdoing yourself with the photography that’s spectacular.


    No grass grows under your feet!

  • Kay Osborne

    Go Zoe! Clever title, Arnie! Great photography!

  • The tree looks pretty darn good even still!


    Another wonderful day!

  • kay Osborne

    Sounds good.

  • Margo

    What a fabulous trip you’ve had this far. These experiences and memories will last with Zoe and Phoebe for a lifetime.

  • Julie Heifetz

    Great traveling with you and Carol and the girls!


    I like Johns paintings. You did t really say if you liked the play!

  • Fred Gordon

    Hi Arnie
    Wonderful traveling with you again
    Always fun to meet up with your many friends!

  • kay Osborne

    Great fun trip with you, Carol and your grandaughters. Safe trip home.

  • arnie

    I said we’d seen a terrific play. We liked it.


    Oh no!!!

  • Paul W

    Have enjoyed your narrative of your trip with Carol and the girls. Have an uneventful yet good trip hone!

  • Kay Osborne

    Loved the photography and narrative. Have a safe trip home.

  • Rick

    Those delays happen. I had a Pan Am flight
    from London to San Fran delayed 22 hours.
    My itinerary in SF was shot.

  • Margo

    Looks as if you thoroughly enjoyed your bonus day. Safe travels home!

  • Eve Levine

    I love ALL of your posts and photos! Thank you!
    Safe travels. Hugs!


    Love seeing how happy the girls are.
    It was a wonderful trip and we loved following you.

  • Wendy Snell

    Thanks, Dadz! I’ve been following, but (obviously) not commenting. They had a fabulous time! It was rich and wonderful and they were full of tales and excitement. We’re so glad they got to do this trip with you. And we’re so glad to have them back.
    Love you both,

  • Julie Heifetz

    What a fabulous trip for all of you! So well-planned, and so thoroughly enjoyed!
    Rest up because before you know it, it’ll be time to take Jasper and Max!


  • lauri pollack

    Thank you for sharing. Loved the whole trip. Girls are adorable.

  • kay osborne

    Great family stuff. Happy for the girls and for you and Carol. You’re very lucky as I’m sure you know, and have made good choices, I daresay.

  • arnie

    Lucky and privileged, for sure, Kay.

  • Zoe

    We had an amazing time!!! Thank you so much! 🙂

  • arnie

    Mind the gap.

  • Ahdina

    So inspirational that you travel with your grandchildren. I tell everyone that I meet, who has grandchildren, how you and Carol travel with each of them to unique places. What a gift.

  • Phoebe Snell

    That was a sweet blog post Boppp! We love it that we get to travel with you!

  • Wendy Snell

    Hope to chat before you take flight but, if not, I’ll be following. Hope you’re both feeling well!


    Arnie its always great to see you on a new trip. I love following you.
    Have a wonderful time. Jean

  • Paul Woo

    Enjoy! Take good care. Look forward to the blogs. Pail

  • kay m osborne

    All the best, Arnie and Carol for a successful and enjoyable trip.


    Have a great trip.

  • Wendy Snell

    Great changes, Dadz, especially the walking sticks!!


    Lovely to know that you have arrived safely.
    Sites, smells and street scenes are always so interesting.
    Watch the cough Arnie!