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  • Jean Zunkel

    Arnie I have loved following you on this trip.
    Can’t wait to talk to you about it later this week.

  • Bob Heywood

    Hey Arnie! Enjoyed every post, and the photos were wonderful. Followed Phoebe as well, and you were so fortunate to be able to share this travel experience with her. Thanks so much for sharing this experience with me. See you soon!

  • Margo

    What a fabulous experience! To see these 2 places through the eyes of Phoebe is and was priceless. Thanks so much for sharing, Arnie.

  • Looks good from here, have a great trip! K

  • PRskie

    I’m excited to follow along. Have so much fun!

  • lauri pollack

    Wow, that’s gutsy. Enjoy and I look forward to your blogs.

    Hugs to you and Carole.


  • Paul Woo

    Can’t wait to read your blog (when possible)!

  • Kathy Hornsby

    Good luck, Arnie! I look forward to your reports.

  • tom

    Be sure to bring back a laundry bag or two.



  • Jean Zunkel

    Arnie it will be an amazing trip!!!

  • Wendy

    Looking forward to the updates, Dadz! It’s gonna be hard to beat Dick’s Sporting Goods but it sounds like this trip has potential. L, W.

  • Tom Eovaldi

    I’m putting this in my file under the heading “don’t let the bastards keep you down.” Great work. Looking forward to the postings and photos.

  • arnie

    You got it, TL, look forward to seeing you and Marina when I get back.

  • Beth Osten

    This sounds interesting, I’ll be following along as plug through my work week.

  • Zoe

    I can’t wait for more posts!! 🙂

  • Wendy

    Happy birthday, Dadz!!!!

  • Jodi

    Happy Birthday! Hope it’s a fantastic trip.

  • tom

    Happy Birthday

  • Eve Levine

    Happy birthday and wondrous travels!

  • Barbara Sandler

    Glad to hear your voice and
    sorta spend your Bday with you!
    Look forward to hearing more and,
    of course, seeing your photos. The
    snapshot of your cake and flowers,
    was a great entré into what’s to come!
    Your much younger sister(YMYS)

  • PRskie

    Though your whole birthday was spent in transit, I’m sure the rest of the trip will make up for that! I’m excited to follow along the adventures!!

  • Bob Heywood

    Happy Birthday, Arnie! Going to India via your blog will be something I look forward to each day. Thanks for sharing! Some of us Goats are headed to Crystal Lake today to try to stem the Red Tide. India sounds way more interesting. Be careful out there!

  • Gil C.

    It appears that your birthday was a major event in Kolkata. Although it’s a bit late we join in celebrating your birthday.abd wish you a safe and rewarding journey

  • Wendy

    Excellent, Dadz! Glad you’re not hurting for cake.

  • Wonderful photos Arnie. So glad you find Kolkata interesting. It is actually one of my favorite cities in India because it is so alive and vibrant and seems so real. Also glad you enjoyed the evening with Bomti.

  • barbara reynolds

    What a visual feast – gluttony

  • gcornfiekd

    What a full day. Your description of the street scene could have been an excerpt from A Passage To India.

  • gil cornfield

    What a full day. Your description of the street scene could have been an excerpt from A Passage To India.

  • lauri pollack

    Fabulous. Looking forward to tomorrow. Thank you!!!!!

  • Wendy

    Amazing, Dadz. I like the aerial pictures and the street scenes, too, particularly the one where you primarily see the two, crossed braceleted arms and also the biker with the enormous load of bright yellow and blue crates. If you start getting on your nerves, I’m sure you won’t hesitate to tell yourself. Enjoy! L, W.

  • Paul Woo

    Imagine that the history of the Synagogue must be interesting…very much enjoyed the photos. Admired the one of the tiny girl next to the bicycle…

  • barbara reynolds

    A testament to the adaptability of the human immune system that people have survived the ghats.

    the man working on his plant at the flower market is perfect

  • Gil

    What a full day of pictures! They are wonderful!

  • Gil

    Great day of marvelous pictures.

  • Noreen and Gil

    Noreen’s picks were 2 at the river : one showed a man in the right foreground washing his hair, and a colorful diagonal line of people in the background. The next photo was an old bearded man wearing two gold rings, while a younger man did laundry in the background. Gil enjoyed experiencing your day through the marvelous photos. Because you have gone solo you are able to take pictures at your own pace and sites.

  • arnie

    I like your picks. My personal favorite of all is the guy pulling a very small child in a rickshaw. I love the fact that the child is looking at you and the man has his heel off the ground, caught in mid step. I also like the man sleeping on the ground, with dogs in opposite parts of the photo. Overall, I’m quite pleased with this group and think that there are probably half a dozen or so keepers, which generally is a good number for an entire trip. Thanks for taking the time to comment so specifically.

  • Wendy

    Great pics, Dadz! I’d like an elephant God as Zo learns to drive, just for good measure. L, W.

  • kay Osborne

    Happy belated Arnie, Enjoy as always

  • kay Osborne

    the photos were especially interesting

  • Rick

    Orthopedic surgeons need to be active to keep up on the latest

    Know several who are runners and/or triathletes.

    Milwaukee is up 2-1.


    Arnie these are wonderful shots for your first day! Creature comforts may not be the Oberoi but the experiences will make up for that. Amazing how you keep running into interesting people all over the world.

  • Ahdina

    Love your photos!!!