Single copies are $50. Discounts apply for 2-5 copies, 6-9 copies or 10+ copies in any combination of the two books.

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  • Jean Zunkel

    Arnie I have loved following you on this trip.
    Can’t wait to talk to you about it later this week.

  • Bob Heywood

    Hey Arnie! Enjoyed every post, and the photos were wonderful. Followed Phoebe as well, and you were so fortunate to be able to share this travel experience with her. Thanks so much for sharing this experience with me. See you soon!

  • Margo

    What a fabulous experience! To see these 2 places through the eyes of Phoebe is and was priceless. Thanks so much for sharing, Arnie.

  • Looks good from here, have a great trip! K