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  • Rick

    Going to bring back some coffee?

  • Wendy

    Beautiful plates!


    Love the pottery.
    I have made note of the studio.

  • Phoebe Snell

    So cool! The variety of the artwork is really amazing. The wooden sculptures really look like your style.


  • Kay Osborne

    Just getting to this m, Arnie. I’m so sorry about Carol’s wrist. I hope that the break is healing rapidly and she’s in no discomfort. Looking forward to the usual interesting ride.

  • Kay Osborne

    Very cool, Arnie

  • My favorite photos are of you grinning in that very hat and the artsy one of the “guy in front of [you]”.

  • Kay Osborne

    Lovely. All good.

  • Susie

    Beautiful pictures!! The art and music looks wonderful.


    A beautiful day for sure.

  • Eve Levine

    Music school sounds and looks amazing! What a day!
    Botero statue makes you look skinny. Love your blog!!

  • Barbara Sandler

    Yesterday, like so many of your days, served up a a delicious and full menu of experiences. (I did some grocery shopping, ate leftover soup for dinner, and watched a DVD. Just so you know. )

    Hope the rest of your trip, continues to be as rich and full!

    Love, Barbara

  • Phoebe Snell

    Sounds like you’re enjoying the color that Oz (Medellin) has to offer!


    Wonderful experience

  • gil cornfield

    Wasn’t Groucho Marx prime minister of Fredonia?
    Your day reflects the epitome of pleasure.


    I also love that restaurant.
    Not sure its for everyone but I loved it and the wine pairings.

  • Kathy Hornsby

    Hi Arnie and Carol! Just catching up on your Colombia travels and enjoying your editorial and photos. Thank you! And I will definitely go to El Cielo if I’m ever in the area. Looks fantastic!!!!

  • Kay Osborne

    Very interesting


    I enjoyed Cartagna except for all the tourists and the awful tourist junk.

  • Barbara Sandller

    So sorry to arrive at the end of another wonderful adventure, for you and, vicariously, for me. Looking forward to hearing more great details, at my Birthday

    Safe and smooth return. Love, B

  • Wendy

    Wow. The stories and pictures of the school are very moving. I’m excited you’ve been introduced to this and will likely support them in their mission.


    Sounds like you have had a good trip


    Arnie and Carol, I am so glad you had a wonderful trip.
    I have always loved Colombia and its people.
    As you may remember, I worked there for years in the textile world producing sheets for the American market.
    Colombia was very different in the 80’s so I am especially happy to read all of your updated news. I look forward to information on Elizabeth.

  • Bob Heywood

    Thanks for sharing you travels with us! Columbia is angreat travel destination, with wonderful and welcoming people.

  • Barbara Sahdler

    Welcome home, thanks for sharing anther awesome trip.
    Looking forward to our next adventure with you to Japan!

    See you soon, love to you from your baby sister!

  • Robert Cook

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog. Thank you for sharing.

  • arnie

    Dueling blogs soon, in Japan.

  • Eve Levine

    Thank you! I am so glad you enjoyed your fabulous trip! I enjoy your blog!

  • kay Osborne

    Thanks for sharing the journey that I thoroughly enjoyed. Your wrapping up comments are especially wonderful. I’m so glad I stuck around for the entire thing.

  • Zoe

    I’m just now reading through the Columbia blogs. I LOVE the pictures with the murals! Amazing!!

  • Zoe

    Sounds like a great day with lots of amazing art!

  • D. J. (Jan) Baker

    The posts and photos, as your fans know well, were all stunningly vivid and quite extraordinary.

    Your summary captured, I think, the distinction that so often occurs in travel – we think that we go to see the great monuments of the past, for which the place is known, and they are always very interesting, to be sure, The enduring memories with which we return, however, are much more likely to relate to the people with whom we have interacted on the trip and their lives and day-to-day existences.

    Thank you again for this window into such a fascinating place and people.



  • Barbara REYNOLDS

    Thanks.. A worthy use of staying at home.