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  • David Levine

    Every time I think of you, I break out in a big smile. You crack me up!

    I love your self-analysis– I can certainly relate…

    So far, I’m getting along well with myself, but I’ve been on my best behavior, and know that I can be difficult from time to time.

    Love from Eve and me.



    Arnie this is great. I love hearing about this. Seems you like to make friends with the big guys!!!

  • Kay Osborne

    Arnie, your photos of people especially children and elderly folk are remarkable. They deserve a top award that I’m handing to you right now.


    What is the average age of child birth in the Muria village

  • arnie

    Average age at birth is less than an hour.

  • Rick

    Brewers win game 6. All tied up at 3-3.

  • kay M Osborne

    I’d pay more that the asking price for a photo with you Arnie.


    Another wonderful day….So glad you rose to the occasion when meeting the other tour leaders!!! You are having an amazing trip and love all the photos.
    You have become our data bank for great photos and we always give you credit!!!

  • susie Kiphart

    Wow Arnie. You are on an amazing journey and you are amazing to do this. Photos are beautiful.

  • David Levine

    Age = Maturity. Wishful thinking


  • Ahdina

    Great read and photos!!

  • D. J. (Jan) Baker

    Arnie – your photographs are visually stunning and powerfully “in the moment.” The photos, together with the commentary, give readers of your blog an incredible sense of what you are experiencing. There is also a very strong sense that you are photographing a life and culture that must be rapidly vanishing. Thanks for sharing your experience of it with us before it changes forever.


    I agree with Jan’s comments. You are very lucky to be seeing something like this that will surely vanish. I am always in awe of people from India and Indonesia in how they celebrate life, gods, the earth, creatures, etc. almost daily. They have made it a part of their lives. Loving your trip and thanks for sharing.


    Wonderful photos Arnie.

  • lauri pollack

    Wonderful photos. Fascinating.


    Glad it all worked out Arnie.

  • Kay Osborne

    Mmmmm, I well understand not wanting to share a room when one expects not to do so. Quite unpleasant. Glad things worked out in the end. All else, very interesting.

  • Michael Lefkow

    Human sacrifice, eh? Do they look at you as human? Just thinking about what you’re in the midst of…. BTW, how are you getting along with yourself?

  • Paul Woo

    Terrific portraits Arnie!


    Amazing photos Arnie.
    They just get better and better every trip you take!
    Hope it isn’t too hot for you.

  • PRskie

    Beautiful photos! I especially love all of the ones you took at the villages. It must be so cool to have your hotel be right there, a part of a village. It sounds like a blast!


  • lauri pollack



    All fascinating Arnie. I am so sorry you have a cough,,,,Take care of yourself,

  • kay Osborne

    Very interesting. Love the humor. I’m sure Vics Vaporub will keep you alive, at least until we see each other again. I owe my long life to the early use of Vicks that every self-respecting person in the Commonwealth kept at home when I was a child, thanks to the British who banned all competing brands.

  • lauri pollack

    Hope you feel better. Such a fascinating adventure. Thanks for sharing. Love it.


    Arnie what an interesting post and photos.
    Honestly you just get better and better.
    Truly amazing.

  • Eve Levine

    I love following your blogs! Thank you!

  • Wendy

    Stunning photos, Dadz!

  • lauri pollack

    What an opportunity to see remote villages. So happy for you. Photos are fabulous.
    Thank you.

  • kay Osborne

    Fabulous photography and interesting commentary. Who would have known all that you say about the lives of people we’d otherwise know nothing about?

  • Eve Levine

    Safe travels home. Loved your posts!

  • Kay Osborne

    Safe travels. Looking forward to the reflections. K


    This means that I have to make adjustments in your next trip!!!!
    Interesting list of things you don’t want to see again…

  • Susie Kiphart

    Very interesting-amazing really. Hope you are home or close as I write this. Namaste!

  • kay Osborne

    Very observant, reflective and interesting. Thanks for the amazing ride that was as full of wonder as always.

  • Tom Eovaldi

    Arnie, many thanks for the wonderful blogging you do. It is a pleasure to read your prose and to see your amazing photos. See you soon. T.L. And Marina

  • Eve Levine

    Thank you! Yes it would be something if we paid respect to the god within those we meet! Shalom! Eve