Dog (Fight) Days

November 9

Nine o’clock takeoff for the market in Leishan. You can tell that it’s getting towards the end of our trip because the group seems more interested in shopping at the market than photographing it. Interesting variety of stuff, some purchases by group members and some photo opportunities, but not one of our more […]

Slices of Life in Four Villages

November 8

Bring down our laundry, which we hope this time will be delivered tonight, dry, and we set out at 9:30. The day is overcast, but not rainy, and warmer than yesterday.

I think the group is still winding down from the presidential election, and following the aftermath with interest. Quite a contrast to […]

Shopping for a President

November 7

Pack, breakfast and prepare for a very civilized 9:30 departure. Good, Western-style breakfast, with forks; yessss! We run errands and shop in a light drizzle in Kaili this morning. It’s a nice change of pace, and fun to wander the department store aisles with Chinese shoppers. Most of us pick up little treasures; […]

Death, Mud and Horses

November 6

Election day, back home, though as we’re about twelve hours ahead, we won’t get results until tomorrow. There’s been much talk and concern about the outcome, as we discovered early-on that all of us were Obama supporters.

Near the hotel we encounter a funeral procession about to start. A live rooster was on […]

Hurricane Helen and the Surprise Festival

November 5

Breakfast at the hotel, then off to a Shui festival, stopping en route at a market of Shui and Miao people in the Sandu area. Market is in the town of Dujiang (jiang means “river”).

Oops, on the way to the market, we learn that a festival is taking place at another village, […]