“This book is beautiful in every sense, in the lushness of the photographs, the grace of the poems and the gentleness and wonder that it expresses.”

Scott Turow, author of Presumed Innocent and the forthcoming sequel, Innocent.

The pairing of Arnie’s graphically composed photographs and Carol’s sensitive poetry come together beautifully in a perfect blend that not only documents each other’s own uniquely personal experiences of Africa, but reveals to us, through words and pictures, the universal bond that we as humans all share, that the natural world is our heritage to preserve and protect in its fullest sense.

Dave Jordano, Photographer

“In Carol and Arnie Kanter’s collaborative debut, No Secret Where Elephants Walk, Carol’s poems from her chapbook, Out of Southern Africa, join new work ingeniously juxtaposed with Arnie’s photographs to create an impressive collection, as diverse and wide-ranging as the continent it explores. Both poems and photographs are stunning in their clarity, unique in their vision, and sensitive in their portrayal of all that both unifies and distinguishes species from species, culture from culture.”

Paulette Roeske, author of Anvil, Clock & Last

“No Secret Where Elephants Walk is an artful, luxuriant counterpoint of words and images guaranteed to make you yearn to visit Africa, for the first time or the fifth. It would be a special gift for anyone who loves wildlife, travel, or the fragile, vanishing places that keep our planet mysterious and beautiful.”

Karl Weber, co-author with Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus of Creating a World Without Poverty

“A great merging of the visual and written arts. The images ranged from merely fabulous to stunning.  If there was a false note anywhere in the poems, I didn’t find it. And the resonance between the visual images and the written word was unbelievably powerful.”

D.J. Baker, Latham & Watkins, NY