Reflections on South Africa and Lesotho

April 11.

Well, headed home now, so I guess it’s time to reflect on this trip.

First, the timing of the trip was unusual, coming only eight days after returning from Morocco with Carol. For sure, that’s a whole lot of traveling in a short time, so I was somewhat concerned about that. It worked […]

Graffiti and Soweto

April 9

We have a full day to explore Johannesburg accompanied by the amazing, and fun, Jo Buitendach. Jo has a degree in History & Archeology, and a Bachelor of Science and Honors in Archaeology from the University of the Witswaterstrand. She is currently enrolled at The University of Cape Town completing a Masters Degree […]

Waterfront Rituals and More Sangomas

April 7 and 8

Before breakfast and checkout we head to the beach to photograph groups of traditional healers and religious groups that usually come on Sundays to pray at sunrise. The scene is interesting, but disturbing to me, as those being initiated are treated very roughly and seem in danger of drowning.

We return […]

Shembes and Sand Castle

April 6.

This morning we visit the Ebuhleni ba Manazaretha Shembe Church. It looks like rain, but it appears to us to be a huge crowd of about 1000 people, seated on mats in a grove of trees, barefoot and dressed in robes to hear and participate actively in the service led by a major […]

A Scary Ride, The Mandela Capture Site and a Ceramics Gallery

April 5.

Well, I got screwed up because of WiFi problems, so these next posts will be a couple days late. But that shouldn’t matter to you.

After breakfast, we take a very harrowing, steep downhill road trip in dense fog, the terrain alternating between rocks and pot holes, and slippery mud, that’s like driving […]