Reflections. India 2019

We’re delayed taking off from London for reasons I can’t determine because I don’t hear shit, the pilot has a British accent and the sound system sucks. While I don’t love delays, I accept them as inevitable. What I don’t accept as inevitable is the pilot thanking us for our patience. That pisses me off. […]

Delhi and Punam

November 1

A slight digression. For those of you who have wondered what I think is the greatest invention ever made by man, I want to put your anxiety to rest. It’s the shower. I mean, the wheel was good, too, I suppose, but the shower was shear genius. I was reminded of that this […]

Bullet Baba and the Road to Delhi

October 31

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, how many of you know the story of Bullet Baba? Okay, then, listen up.

On Dec 2, 1991, a young man named Om Banna was riding his motorcycle on the road 33 miles from Jodhpur when he lost control, hit a tree and was killed. The bike […]

Shepherds and (Finally) Leopards

October 30

Set in a dramatic location of ancient craggy outcrops and fields of mustard and wheat bordered by the Lake, Jawai is the perfect area to explore the Indian countryside.  The area is the home of the Rebari tribes, traditionally herders.  The men are known for wearing white offset by bright red turbans and […]

“Finishing” Jodhpur,and on to Jawai.

October 29

A view from our breakfast table during our final meal at this fabulous palace.And a view of the front of our palace.Of all the many forts in Rajasthan, very few compare to majesty of the Mehrangarh Fort.  The fort is divided into three sections – the public areas, the Maharajas palaces, and the […]