The Last Leg, Reflections

May 20-21

(Note: there’s a post from yesterday called “A Final Lazy Day”.  Though it’s up on the website, I’m not sure followers were notified.  So, if you were not notified and want to see it, you can do that by clicking the “Previous” link at the top of this post.)

As we take what […]

A Final Lazy Day

May 19

Our last full day. A bit sad, but it’s been a wonderful run, and it’s probably time to end. At dinner last night, Zoe said that it has been great fun, but she’s looking forward to getting home and seeing everyone. Fair enough.

Breakfast (eggs Benedict) by the beach, then email checking. Zoe […]

Day Off for Good Behavior 

May 18 Well, today was definitely a day off. And we deserved it, as we’ve been keeping a pretty torrid pace, not burning the candle at both ends, as we’ve gotten to bed at a very decent hour, but our (sometimes ridiculously) early starts have made for tiring days. I felt a particular need for […]

Keeping Our Safaris on Land

May 16 Up at 5:15, mini-breakfast, out for game drive and back for maxi-breakfast at 9:30. Best way to explain the outing is with photos, below. The first is an excellent example of an uncommon specie, the bright-shoed, rolling-eyed teenager (female) 😄.Long break to relax, blog, begin to pack, etc (interrupted, of course, by another […]

Happy Birthday

May 15

The two pictures above belong in the village discussion below, but I’ve already wasted WAY more time than it’s worth trying to move them, so they’re staying here.

Zoe’s thirteenth birthday! What a treat to be able to spend it alone with her in Africa.

Zoe is still pill-challenged, so that […]