Reflections on the Trip

June 24

Our last day. After breakfast, Carol decides to go to a nearby Pre-Colombian art museum. I opt to sit in the lovely Casa Gangotena hotel atrium, where I’m starting this final blog entry. Diana, who showed us around Quito on our first day is to pick us up at 10:45 for our 2:05 […]

Mountain Toucans, Tough a Bargaining and Ray Charles

June 23.Our last full day in Ecuador starts with a mile walk uphill on a road in an attempt to see Mountain Toucans. As I’ve always said, sometimes when you set out to see Mountain Toucans you see them and sometimes when you set out to see Mountain Toucans you don’t. This was one of […]

Riding Above the Trees

June 22.

This morning is a change of pace, moving from just birdwatching to exploration of nature more generally.

We start with about a 10-minute walk to a place where you can zip line on a wire above the trees over a portion of the forest. You are fastened into a harness, which is attached […]

A Bird Whisperer, Butterflies and Many New Species

June 21.

First, a report on last night’s anniversary dinner. Food (and company) were terrific. The restaurant comped us on champagne cocktails and dessert, which was nice. Very good view of Independence Plaza. We had not anticipated that a husband and wife operatic duo would serenade the guests with a (too wide) selection of arias. […]

Anniversary Landslide and More Birds

June 20. A rather auspicious day–our 50th anniversary. Yes, we think it’s a bit amazing, too. I feel so fortunate–blessed–to have gotten into something neither of us could possibly have anticipated or understood fully at the time that turned out so incredibly well. It’s been quite a ride, and, after some deliberation, Carol and I […]