Goin’ Home, HONESTLY

August 12.

Well, I guess its a sign that you’ve had a pretty good trip when a 16-hour flight delay turns into a lucky break. The extra day allowed for an interesting trip on the Thames and a lovely visit to the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew Gardens, enhanced by the beautiful Chihuli glass sculptures on […]

Wandering Chipping Campden, Back to London, Mice

August 7

Margaret fixed breakfast, then we took a lovely walk together around Chipping Campden, Margaret and Nick narrating the sights and history of this quaint, utterly charming place, and introducing us to neighbors we passed. Wandering around a place aimlessly is my favorite thing to do on pretty-much any trip, giving you time to […]

The Constitutional Court and More

April 10.

As our flight does not leave until 8PM, I hire Freedom to drive Stan and me around for the day, and then drop us at the airport.

Our first stop is the Constitutional Court, where, Albie Sachs, a former Justice, has arranged for us to be given a tour by two young assistant […]

Shepherds and Scenery

April 3

We’ll, no WiFi yesterday, so just posted yesterday’s blog. Apologies if you get two posts today. And, a heads up, I don’t think I’ll have WiFi tomorrow. Now, how Third World is that.

Today was a great day. Beautiful weather. Day breaks Down into two elements. The scenery is spectacular. There’s an amazing […]

Back in Casablanca; or “Play it Again, Arnie”

March 6.

On the plane after slow security process. High point of the trip so far was the TSA guy stopping me as I tried to go through with my shoes on. When I told him I was 75, he said I didn’t look it. Tipped him five bucks.

Given what we’re used to, the […]