Back Home, and Reflections on the Trip

May 9-10.  Start the long trek home with an 11:25 AM flight from Windhoek to Joburg.  Nevada and Bob Newman are on the same flight and we hang out together at the Windhoek airport.

Time for some reflections on the trip.  First, it was great to have Carol with me, for most of the trip. […]

More Rhinos and Back to Windhoek

May 8. After I posted last night’s entry, another rhino came to the watering hole and, with Nevada’s help, I manages to get some photos of him in the moonlight. Not great, but, hey, it’s something, so don’t complain. For our last real day of the trip, we met for breakfast at 5:30. Yikes; this […]

Etosha National Park

 May 7.  Another long 10-hour driving day, but this one is different, because most of it is an extended game drive through Etosha National Park, the second most popular tourist destination in Namibia, after the dunes. We leave at 7, after an early breakfast, passing again through the incredible melting pot town of Opuwo.  Spend […]

Our Last Two Villages

May 6.  After breakfast, we set out to visit a Zemba village.  The Zembas are closely related to the Himba and Herero people we have seen, but their dress and hair styles differ somewhat, and the women do not use ochre on their ski, and retire rather early.. As the bus pulls up, Tarry and […]

More Himbas, Town and a Hot Stone Massage

May 5. Breakfast at the lodge and a 7 o’clock departure for another Himba village. This one is larger than the others we visited, and hairstyle and jewelry differ somewhat. Our local guide, Festus, explains Himba customs and answers questions. Again we are free to wander around the village to photograph and are invited in […]