Chipping Away

August 6.

Breakfast at the flat and a slow start to the day. Carol had planned to visit the Tower today, but when Nick told us that the drive to his house would take much longer than the rental car company had said, we decided to move the Tower to later in the week and […]

The Queen, the High Court and more friends

August 5.

Breakfast at the flat. Drizzly, gray morning. More Londonish than the lovely and comfortable weather we’ve had since arriving. Explained the difference between barristers and solicitors to the girls, because we’ll be seeing both today.

Went down to our local tube station and set out for Buckingham Palace. Carol had booked a visit […]


August 4.

After a much-needed sleep, we’re feeling human again. Breakfast at the flat (we’d stopped at a grocery store on the walk home yesterday), then off to the tube to meet our friend, Tom Handler. We actually have a very nice, large sun-filled room in the flat, which I did not explore yesterday, because […]

Getting to London

August 2-3

Zoe and Phoebe fly in from Atlanta, meeting us at O’Hare around 4 PM. We have more than 4 1/2 hours to kill before our 8:55 flight to London. Meeting up is a bit of a logistical challenge, because they have round trip tickets between Atlanta and Chicago, and need to get from […]

Crossing the Pond

August 1, 2019

Well, tomorrow Carol and I take off for London with two granddaughters, Zoe,16, and Phoebe, 14. We’ve been taking them, alone, on trips each summer since they were 7 and 5. The first trip was a 3-night Disney cruise, something of a surrealistic experience for Carol and me. 4000 passengers, 2000 crew, […]