Wedding and non-Wedding


Good night’s sleep in our basic accommodations. Awoke early, as has been the case, and finished yesterday’s blog. Had my first experience with a non-Western toilet on this trip, and I can say, without hesitation, that the toilet seat is one of the great inventions of mankind, ranking just after the wheel (unless you […]

Markets, Fancy Dressing and Rice Paddies

November 2

Down for breakfast in the hotel at 8 for our 9 o’clock departure.

We drive through beautiful hill country, with views of terraced rice paddies en route to High Mountain Black Miao market in village of Ting Dong. Market days, based on a lunar calendar, take place approximately once a week. We come […]

Square-framed Hat Yaos

November 3

Set off after breakfast for 3-hour drive to Jingling and Baiwen villages, to see Bingban Yao, Yao who wear square-framed hats, as Nevada calls them. 58 households and 270 people in the Baiwen village. According to Lee, there are only three Yao villages like this one in China.

Nevada talks about technical issues […]

Stilted Parades and Dong Villages

November 4

Breakfast at hotel, then add our laundry to the luggage and take off in the bus for another Miao village. Later find out that, because of the power outage yesterday, our laundry is “damp.”. This means that my blue jeans may be dry by Thanksgiving.

Stopped at another interesting market in “old Chongjiang.” […]

Hurricane Helen and the Surprise Festival

November 5

Breakfast at the hotel, then off to a Shui festival, stopping en route at a market of Shui and Miao people in the Sandu area. Market is in the town of Dujiang (jiang means “river”).

Oops, on the way to the market, we learn that a festival is taking place at another village, […]