Market Women, Ag Business and Knowledge

August 26

Breakfast at the hotel, then waited outside for our escorts, who were late. Struck up a conversation with a woman dressed in a stunning native dress. Turned out that she was a doctor, had a practice in Connecticut and was developing one in Ekiti, and knew that her husband was a classmate of […]

Orikis and Protocol

August 25

Up early for a 7:00 departure.

Our time in Lagos was great, clearly highlighted by the people we met. I don’t feel that I have a very good sense of Lagos, as a city, though. All of the Nigerians we’ve met describe it as a vibrant, fast-moving, aggressive city on the order of […]

Meeting Our “Nigerian Family”

August 24

Up at five, but felt rather well rested. One more day, and I figure that I’ll be on local time.

Down for breakfast in the hotel with our group at 8 AM. Spent the rest of the morning in the air conditioned hotel restaurant, implementing Funmi’s clever idea of having people come to […]

Customs of Various Sorts

August 23-24

I know you’re getting impatient for us to reach Nigeria. Well, by the time you read this, we’ll have arrived. But right now we’re in the Frankfurt Airport, awaiting our connecting flight to Lagos. Was able to make the last blog post from here and, indeed, could have done it from the plane […]

Thoughts Aloft

August 22-23.

Flying from Chicago to Lagos via Frankfurt. In coach. Those of you who read my Myanmar blog will recall that I announced that I was in my business-class years. Well, I thought I was, but here’s what happened.

We’re flying United/Lufthansa, so I have insufficient miles to get a business-class ticket. I was […]