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A Final Lazy Day

May 19

Our last full day. A bit sad, but it’s been a wonderful run, and it’s probably time to end. At dinner last night, Zoe said that it has been great fun, but she’s looking forward to getting home and seeing everyone. Fair enough.

Breakfast (eggs Benedict) by the beach, then email checking. Zoe finds that she now has nine children signed up for her week-long drama camp that starts June 6. Since the theater piece she’s written to be performed by the campers has only seven characters, she needs to rewrite to add people. I tell her that she can now send a “reminder” to those who have not registered, telling them that there are now only a few spots left.  She says that she’s already sent a reminder a few days ago (from Africa!) and that’s what has generated the recent registrations.  Zoe has hired Phoebe as her assistant for the camp and is paying her 20% of the take. The kid is pretty amazing.

Zoe and I make a rather unsuccessful snorkeling try. The rocks at the first spot are too slippery and the waves too strong. The second place we try is better and we make it into the water, but Zoe does not feel comfortable, so we give it up and go swimming off the beach for awhile instead.We rest, read, nap and lunch, then Zoe and I are driven into town to see the local life and to take some photos. It’s tough to convince our driver that what I really want to see are the perfectly ordinary scenes of town life. In the end, he sorta buys in, so here are some of the resulting photos.

Back to the lodge, where a group of about twenty young folks from a local Anglican Church performs some songs and dances. Energetic and rhythmic, but not close in quality to what we heard the other day at St Peter’s.

Zoe, Carol and I enjoy a very good last dinner on the beach, then retire to our cottage, where Zoe and Carol play cards, and I blog and read.

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