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An Interlude: Impressions from a Nightime Game Drive

This is not a normal post, as it attempts to capture my impressions of a single event that lasted only an hour and a half.
These photos were all taken on May 25, in a truck on a night drive from my seat behind the “spotter,” who shines an extremely bright light back and forth in front of the truck, hoping to find animals by catching the reflection of their eyes as the light hits them. For the passengers on a night drive, there is little to do, but sit, and little to see, except the sweeping light and the stars. So, I decided to occupy myself by taking photographs, which, because of the darkness had exposures of several seconds. I’ve selected some of the sixty or so photographs I took and offer them for your consideration, recognizing that many of you may not find them at all appealing.
I like them quite a bit, and I want to explain why. I love their random and abstract quality. I find them direct and surprising, even jolting. For me, they evoke a sense of the forest at night. I see the spotter as painter of these landscapes and, in the way that I choose to move (or sometimes try not to move) my camera during the exposure I feel as if l am painting the painter as he paints his landscapes.
I would love to get your honest reaction to these photos, if you would take a minute or two to give that reaction to me.K

3 comments to An Interlude: Impressions from a Nightime Game Drive

  • lauri pollack

    They’re interesting and mysterious. Great addition to your collection of photos.

  • fred gordon

    these photos are eerie, spectral, and bewitchingly indeterminate, and the shadow of the searcher in some puts a mysterious human presence in their midst.

    hi to Carol, Mike, and Val,


  • Henri

    Hi Arnie,
    Some of the photos evoke mysterious disorientation (I like particularly #1 and #15). Greetings to Carol.

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