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Baskets, Airplane Guy, healers and Tetr;

April 1.

After breakfast, we set out for a craft store which carries baskets produced by women in the region. There were a couple of basket makers weaving while were there. The quality of the crafts appeared to be very high and it was worthwhile seeing it.

We next went to see Sibusiso, the airplane guy, a fellow who crafted a home that looks like an airplane out of used parts of airplanes and other metal works. He put it all together with wires, without using welding. This was highly unusual and particularly fascinated Stan, from our group, who has actually built his own airplane. We talked with the airplane guy for some time and saw photos of all seven planes he has built. Most of the group climbed the ladder up to the airplane/house. I told the Group that I did not want to die falling out of an airplane, so I passed on seeing the quarters. This was a fun stop, probably worth 15 minutes, rather than the hour or so we spent there, though our photography group was certainly engaged.

From there we moved on to visit a sangoma, a spiritual healer. She was quite engaging and entertaining, with a marvelous smile. The group was not overly impressed with her healing powers however since what she “saw” (divined) in the couple people who she spoke to were things like sore backs. She told a long story about how she became a healer and how it had to do with the surprising death of goats and the appearance of a spirit of her grandfather. We will see other healers on this trip who I expect will ring with greater authenticity, but this visit was fun and afforded the opportunity for some good picture taking.

We ate lunch at the house of one of the locals and then headed to a park where there is a cave with Bushman paintings. On the way, we stopped to see pensioners and others who have been waiting since seven in the morning to receive payments from the government, which might or might not ever show up that day.

Continuing, through the incredible landscape that covers the whole Tegula Falls area,

we arrived at the path up to the tetraglyphs. After part of the climb, I decided that I had done enough climbing and so the rest of the group went on and I met them back at the bottom. I don’t regret that decision. Here’s a picture that Nevada took with her iPhone and Air Dropped to me.

Drinks in the hotel lounge area, then dinner (a much-improved buffet), ending with a cake that Nevada had the hotel bake for Clyde’s birthday.

3 comments to Baskets, Airplane Guy, healers and Tetr;

  • Kay Osborne

    wonderful photography, Arnie, K

  • Joan Carson

    The basketweavers remind me of South Carolina descendants ofslaves who worked the fields and still today can be found selling hand woven baskets along the Highways between Charleston and Awleys Island.

  • Phoebe

    Absolutely beautiful. Your photos capture everything so well that I feel like I’m right there a part of it!

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