Elmina Castle and a Canopy Walk

April 5. April 5. Daniel drives us to visit to the famous Elmina Castle. We tour the castle, which housed slaves during the days of the slave trade. Cape Coast Castle is one of about forty “slave castles”, or large commercial forts, built on the Gold Coast of West Africa (now Ghana) by European traders. […]

Roadside Shops, Bonkwaso, Abesua and Dinner at the Kwartengs

April 6. After breakfast at Four Villages, we visit two remote, rural villages, Abasua and Bonkwaso, which Carol and I have visited several times with the Kipharts and, sometimes, with the Olopades.

The drive to Bonsakwo is about two hours. Traffic is heavy, which is not good for our schedule, but great for Phoebe and […]

A Quiet Day in Kumasi

April 7. Breakfast at the Four Villages, joined by Daniel and Priscilla. The meal turns into one of the delights of travel, meeting an unexpected fellow traveler, in this case, Nicole Poindexter, who is pretty-much a full time resident of the Four Villages, though her home is in DC, she was born in Texas and […]

Praise the Lord

April 8. After breakfast at the Four Villages, we attended church services at Dr. Annie’s Pentecostal church, where everyone is decked out in their Sunday best. Carol and I had been there before and were anxious for Phoebe to experience it.

The services are loaded with singing and religious fervor. Phoebe enjoyed it, and so […]

On the Road to Accra,

April 9. Breakfast at the Four Villages, finish packing and settle up our bill. Joe Kwarteng comes by again for a final farewell, with his son, Joe Jr. we chat for a while and then Joe asks us to hold hands and he gives an extemporaneous prayer, grateful for our coming, for what we have […]