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Tate a Tate

August 8

Breakfast at the flat (eggs today), stop at cleaners and then off, crossing London Bridge

To the Globe Theater, meticulously reconstructed to reflect its look 400 years ago. Ran into Poor Yorick and admired Christopher Wren’s St. Paul Cathedral and the Millennium Bridge across the Thames. Our guide for the Globe tour was both very funny and very informative, which made the experience a good deal more interesting and fun than I’d anticipated.

We met Tom Handler and his partner, Judith at the Tate Modern, where we peered at peregrine falcons through a telescope, then enjoyed a lovely lunch in the Tate dining room. Afterwards, we saw a wonderful exhibit of the incredible range of work produced by Russian painter, and clothes and set designer Natalia Goncharova, who worked in Russia and Paris during the first half of the 20th century. A bit embarrassing never to have heard of her before. Here’s a small sample of a few of the many works of hers that I admired.

After this, we took a short boat trip, which gave us a small taste of traveling on the Thames

Originally, we were going to take the boat up to the Old Tate, but wound up not taking it that far. Nonetheless, I left the title of this post as I’d written it–Tate a Tate–because I was proud to have thought of that devilishly clever title.

Judith needed to head home, but Tom joined the four of us for dinner at a C+ Indian restaurant.

The girls, Carol and I went to an outstandingly produced and conceived production of a play called “Tree” at the Young Vic Theatre. It’s impossible to convey the energy, movement and excitement of this production in a few photos, but here they are. The first two show a distinguished member of the audience, Zoe, who was called up on stage.

I tried inserting a short video that shows some of the energy and the way in which the company invited the audience to participate in the production, but, unfortunately, I failed, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

Tree was an outstanding theatrical experience. And we had a helluva good day, all around.

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