Politics and Political Prisoners

January 19

Up at 4:15 for 5 AM ride to airport for 6:30 flight to Mandalay. Quick breakfast at hotel.

Easy ride to airport, where the domestic terminal looks right out of the 50’s. Security and baggage check are handled very efficiently. We board the Yangon Airways prop plane, which bears an insignia of an […]

Golden Buddhas and Puppetry

January 20

Awaken early to chanting outside. Breakfast on top floor of hotel. Picked up at 8:30 and stop by Aung Lin Htet’s house for wifi connection to check emails.

Stop by place where gold is being hammered by hand in order to make thin sheets for gold leafing.

From here we drive to […]

Tailed Through the Villages

January 21

(Note: If you read the January 20 post without photos, you may wish to look back at them. Because of lack of Internet connections, I’ve been unable to post for several days, so you may see three or four posts at once. Sorry about that.)

Chanting awakens us again, just after five (having […]

Slow Boat(s) to Bagan

January 22

Picked up at 5:45 (having again been awaken at 5:10 by chanting, no alarm clock needed). At first, there is some difficulty/confusion trying to find the boat, but we locate it. We say goodbye to our excellent driver and guides, Zo Win and Aung Lin Htet. We give Zo Win a tip and […]

Red Balloons and Golden Buddhas

January 23

Today was much more of a normal tourist day, as compared to what we’ve been doing on this trip. And that’s not so bad, because, after all, we are tourists.

Picked up at 5:45 by Balloons Over Bagan and bused to the take-off site, where we are served coffee and biscuits. We are […]