On to Siem Reap

January 31. Phenom Penh is an appealing city. It seems very real, has some character. I’d gladly have spent another day or two here. After another fabulous eggs Benedict breakfast, Carol and I go down by the river to photograph ladies with flowers, kids, people praying, small birds being sold. Quite a scene.

We then […]

Markets, Killing Fields and a Walk by the Mekong

January 30. Fabulous eggs Benedict at FCC hotel restaurant (bar pictured below).

Off to two markets, the first the central market, an ornate yellow%domed covered market that sells many jewels. Supposedly arty shot of windows reflected in jewelry case not very successful. Oh, well.

Second is a great local market, which is photographically interesting, despite […]

On to Cambodia,

January 29

Travel day, so not too much to report. Up early for more monk shooting. Still don’t know what I’m doing.

Drive to airport for flight to Bangkok, three hour layover, then on to Phnom Penh. A long day of travel. For the first time since our accident, I’m able to walk without difficulty.


Free Day

January 27

Free day and I decide to take it very easy.

Arose early again and was picked up by a taxi at 6AM and driven the short distance to see th monks again. A very different scene than yesterday; no rain and many more people lining the curbs to give alms as the monks […]

Alms and More

January 27. Forgot to give you this information about Laos. If you’re not interested, scroll down to the first photo below.

Laos was one of two “dominoes” that fell after the Vietnam War. Cambodia, where we will be going next is the second.

The domino theory was a Cold War policy that suggested a communist […]