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Dog (Fight) Days

November 9

Nine o’clock takeoff for the market in Leishan. You can tell that it’s getting towards the end of our trip because the group seems more interested in shopping at the market than photographing it. Interesting variety of stuff, some purchases by group members and some photo opportunities, but not one of our more memorable activities.




We drive to Kaili for lunch. I stick to my peanut butter lunch routine. I’ve discovered I’m a one-Chinese-meal-a-day guy. During bus rides, Nevada sometimes talks about photographic matters and/or reads from Internet cites about current events.

After lunch, we go to a festival at Chong-an to see the Gejai people and Red Miao people, whose costumes differ from those we’ve seen before.. There’s a light mist, and we’re back to walking through mud again, but not as muddy as our prior festival. The atmosphere and look is more of a fair, than a festival. There are horse races, dog fights and bull fights. The horse races are not as good as those we saw at the other festival and, happily, I saw only dog threats, not dog fights. I did not try to make my way into the bull fighting area, which seemed quite crowded. Near the end, there were performances up on a stage, but that, too, was crowded and as we were on our way out and rather spent, I didn’t really see much of that, either.






The unanimous consensus of the group is that this was the least interesting of the festivals we’ve seen. But we’ve been spoiled by some very good ones and, hey, not every festival can be a winner. Far fewer, and less interesting, photos today than on the rest of the trip. Speaking of “fewer”photos, at lunch today, Nevada mentioned that she’d taken about 8000 photos on this trip so far. I thought that I’d taken an incredible number, and I’m probably around 2000.

It’s good to get to our hotel, the Jintai Yuan Hotel, where we’ll spend our last three nights. We get the hell out of our muddy and somewhat damp clothes, take a hot shower in our comfortable rooms and go down for a very good dinner in the hotel.

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  • Wendy

    Great photos, Dadz. I do think I see a difference in your photos re angles. Very interesting. Seems like the last couple of days have been slower-paced and that you were all sort of ready for that.
    I’d be a three-Chinese-meals-a-day kind of girl, if given the chance, plus two light-Chinese snacks.

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