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Luminous friends and a Rain Forest

January 8 and 9

Tuesday was a rather quiet day for us spending most of our time with Kay‘s friends. For lunch, we went to the home Of Iva and Clive. Iva was active in the tourist business and used to set up meetings between tourists and locals so that they could get to know. She is now a justice of the peace, a volunteer, quasi-judicial position. One of her guests, Norma, was the Costas, the head of all the JPs in the area. Iva had invited about 10 or 12 of her friends over to join and meet us. Most had had some connection to the United States, having lived there or, in some cases having children and grandchildren there. It was a jovial and enjoyable afternoon.

Clive drove us back to our hotel where we had only about an hour or so before Kay’s friend, Pearnell, picked us up and drove us to her house, where she had prepared dinner for us, which we ate on her deck. After dinner, Pearnell drove us about an hour or so to see the luminous lagoon where phosphorescent particles below glimmered in the water. We went out on a boat and observed the luminosity. This was interesting but not worth the 2-hour drive and the boat ride to see. Pearnell, a psychologist and university lecturer, is great fun, though, so the evening was very enjoyable. Carol and I had met Pearnell on an earlier visit to Kay, so it was a reunion of sorts.

Wednesday, we were originally scheduled to drive out to Montego Bay, which would have been about two hours each way. After yesterday‘s experience, however, we told Kay that we thought we would pass on that and would like to go someplace closer. After much discussion, we wound up going to Konoko Gardens and falls, which, to my surprise, turned out to be great. We had a very good guide who told us about all of the plants and trees. Really quite beautiful, more of a rain forest than a garden. Carol made friends with a toucan and a boa constrictor.

Afterwards, we rode back to our hotel where we had lunch, rested and all three of us had massages. Kay had had a massage yesterday and was raving about it. Maybe useful; definitely painful. Read and relaxed before going to Christopher’s a restaurant highly touted by some friends of Kay. Dinner was terrific, and the grounds and resort look beautiful. Hotel is called Hermosa Cove. If you’re thinking about this area, looks like an excellent bet.

Back to our hotel to blog, read and sleep.

3 comments to Luminous friends and a Rain Forest

  • gil cornfield

    Happy to see that Carol has made new friends. If they visit ask them to come to the next group meeting.

  • gil cornfield

    Glad to see that Carol has made new friends on your trip. If they visit in Chicago please invite them to the next Group affair.

  • Phoebe

    Great to hear about your trip! I love the photo of Gee-Gee with the toucan! Love,

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