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More Rhinos and Back to Windhoek

May 8.  After I posted last night’s entry, another rhino came to the watering hole and, with Nevada’s help, I manages to get some photos of him in the moonlight.  Not great, but, hey, it’s something, so don’t complain.
For our last real day of the trip, we met for breakfast at 5:30.  Yikes; this is a vacation? We set out into Etosha again and spend four or five hors viewing game.  Our prize pot is two white rhinos (the two we saw last night were black rhinos.  Again we do not spot lions, leopards or cheetah (nor did we’re elephants today), but other wildlife is prolific, especially around water holes.  Around one waterhole, we saw seven different kinds of animals–kudu, springbok, oryx, zebra, ostrich, warthogs and Impala.
After the park, we go back to the lodge, pack quickly and set out driving back to Windhoek, stopping for lunch at a restaurant en route.  We arrive back at Galton House, our home for the third time, at about 6 PM.  We met for drinks at seven and I read the extension part of my fake blog for the trip, which people seemed to enjoy.  Very good and relaxed dinner, saw a terrific slide show that Bob Newman did on his Myanmar trip with Nevada and then said fond farewells to those who we might not see, given our different travel times and itineraries tomorrow.


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