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Nigeria, Egypt and Faulty Towers

September 15
Quick breakfast at the hotel, then took the tube to the Bloomsbury Coffee House to meet Dayo Olopade and Walter Lamberson for breakfast. Dayo is the daughter of our friends, Funmi and Sola Olopade. Over a year ago, Carol and I attended the wedding of their daughter, Feyi, in Lagos, Nigeria.

For Dayo and Walter’s wedding less than two weeks ago in Santa Fe, NM, we did not have to wear Nigerian dress.

Walter is currently attending business school in London, and Dayo is commuting from NY, where she works for Facebook, having obtained MBA and law degrees from Yale. Great to hear about Walter and Dayo’s hectic, exciting life, and it will be most interesting to see the course that the careers of these two highly-talented people take. (Dayo ran off to work before I realized that I hadn’t gotten her photo.)

Carol and I lingered around the coffee house and then went to meet Tom Handler at he British Museum, where he was anxious to see an exhibit of newly-uncovered (underwater) artifacts from two cities, Thonis-Heracleion and Canopus, in the Nile Delta in Egypt.  The former was an important trade hub and the latter a major religious center, particularly for Osiris, God of the afterlife.  The exhibit artifacts date from the 7th century BC for several centuries and show Greek and Egyptian art and the influences between the two.  Fantastic exhibit, both interesting and well put together, and an altogether amazing discovery that is less than 10% excavated at the moment.  Here’s an artifact, and one of the divers who made the discovery.  

Lunch with Tom at the museum, then back to the Club to rest up before meeting Tom and Judith for dinner at a hotel, which was part of a 2-hour show based on the British comedy show, Faulty Towers.  We knew going in that this would either be a lot of fun, or stupid.  In fact, it turned out to be very entertaining and fun.  Here are a few photos taken at the dinner.

Took the tube home after dinner, blogged and retired.

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