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Preparing for South Africa

March 26

Well, tomorrow I head to South Africa.

Yes, I know I just got back from Morocco a week ago, so it may seem a bit strange to be heading back to Africa, but here’s how it happened. My trip to South Africa is with a small photo group, and I’d booked that trip, along with air reservations, before Carol and i decided to go to Morocco.

When we decided on Morocco, I looked into going straight from there to South Africa, but found two obstacles. First, the run from Morocco to South Africa is not exactly a commuter run. It’s far, not well traversed and would have required about thirteen hours of flights, through Dubai or Europe. Second, changing my existing flights from the US to Joburg (Johannesburg) would have been difficult and expensive. So, I decided to fly back to the US for eight days and keep my original flights to SA. I think that was the right decision.

The trip I’m taking is being led by Nevada Wier, a world class photographer with whom I’ve traveled four previous times—to SW China, to Cuba, to Namibia and to Colombia. There will be seven of us, plus Nevada and guides. Here’s a photo from one of my two prior trips to SA. You’ll see nothing like that on this trip, because, having done a half dozen or so safaris, I’m not doing the safari extension to this trip. I’m going to see people.

And a good part of this will be in Lesotho, not SA. You’ll learn more about Lesotho, if you follow the blog.

So, get ready for the long flight to Joburg. It’s rather daunting, especially if you’ve never done it before. But it’s a helluva lot easier than swimming.

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