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Ta Prohm, and More.

February 3. This morning we wake very early to explore and photograph at amazing Ta Prohm, where jungle tree roots still cover the ruined temples. We get there ahead of the crowds and have relatively unobstructed views. The photos below, all taken on an iPhone, include workmen maintaining the site, women who bless people (for a small contribution), some sculpture, a bit of amazing light and, of course, buildings among the tree roots. This is the most amazing of the sites we’ve seen.

Carol and I set out in our own tuk-tuk for what Karl describes as undiscovered temple ruins. There’s a reason they are undiscovered, because our driver has to ask directions four times, and the half hour trip takes an hour and a half. An adventure, for sure, and rather fun. Pictures below include a view from our vehicle and our driver returning from one of his requests for information.

We stop for a rather good cheese and tomato panini lunch, then return to the hotel to Blog, relax, have 90-minute massages (cost: $14) and prepare for our final dinner, a very good one at the Foreign Correspondents Club. From there we go over to Karl’s house to view photos the group took, projected on his large TV. Interesting to see everyone’s work, some of which are a lot better than others. I did not show any, because I couldn’t figure out how to do it from my iPad. Carol also did not show photos, but read drafts of two poems she’d written, which people seemed to enjoy. I read the “real blog” that I traditionally write on these trips, pointing out all the strange/funny things that happened on the trip, with some license for exaggeration. The blog reading was quite well received.

Back to the hotel for preliminary packing and sleep.

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