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Visiting the Barrios and a Last Parade

February 7
We breakfast at the hotel, then, at about 10AM, head out into barrios (neighborhoods) to seek out the true spirit of Colombia in the barrios streets. We visit two neighborhoods and the group disperses in many direction to meet and photograph the locals, who could not be friendlier.  

I have another opportunity to practice my modest Spanish, which is great fun for me. Some locals have equally modest English, which they enjoy showing off, too. There is something of a festive feeling, with some music playing and people preparing for afternoon festivities in front of their brightly painted homes. 


We stop for lunch at a place right near where the parade will be, then we continue photographing the Carnaval for the more accessible day: La Gran Parada (The Great Parade) of the locals neighborhoods. This day is less commercialized and features a variety of different dance troupes from all over Barranquilla. It is a whirlwind of color, movement and emotion, hypnotic music and rambunctious revelers joining the fray, shouting, clapping, singing, drinking and spraying foam on one another.  
Unlike the last time Nevada was there, barricades separate the crowd from the parade; but not us. We talk our way past the barricades and are admitted to walk along with and photograph the parade. This is a clear example of white privilege, but we claim it. This privilege is likely to disappear or diminish as Carnaval becomes even more popular, and attracts others who look like us. So, we are fortunate to be able to experience it now.

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