Into the Desert

March 13-14

After a lovely breakfast alone by the side of the pool

we are driven approximately five hours (turns out to be over six) to the desert. A burgeoning movie industry appears to be booming and we passed by two new movie studios.

After several hours, we stopped for a picnic lunch (with a […]

Winding up in Marrakech and Heading for the Desert

March 12

We started our day walking through the streets for about 40 minutes, observing and photographing. We both love doing this. Carol is getting into photography, too. Below are photos we took of people throughout the day.

We are then driven to the famous necropolis of the Saadian kings, the Saadian Tombs.  It’s worth […]

Sidebars and Sidecars from Marrakech

March 11

Though a whole host of spots to see are listed on our itinerary, Younes decides, sensibly enough, to take us to only the best and to add a couple of interest that we’re not on the list.

Most interesting to both Carol and me are the street scenes of people going about their […]

Photographing, Beauty Tratments and on to Marrakech

March 10

In the morning, after breakfast, Carol and I go our separate ways.

I do a photographic tour that focuses on exploring photography within a Muslim culture and understanding the place that photography takes in an environment that appears both alluring yet mystical at the same time. The tour is tailored to my interests […]

In the Fes Medina

March 9

After breakfast, we go to shul. Since it’s Shabbat, I ask Younes to take us to the orthodox synagogue in the new city of Fes. Carol and I need to sit in separate sections, hers curtained off from the main sanctuary. We spend about twenty minutes there. The prayer book from which the […]