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Into the Desert

March 13-14

After a lovely breakfast alone by the side of the pool

we are driven approximately five hours (turns out to be over six) to the desert. A burgeoning movie industry appears to be booming and we passed by two new movie studios.

After several hours, we stopped for a picnic lunch (with a cute brother and sister around; their mother did not want her picture taken, but encouraged the kids)

Two women passed near our picnic area. They had been collecting grass to bring back to sheep, who were housed indoors, and did not mind a photo, but wanted a coin, which I gave to them.

We also stopped to see some fossils from the bottom of what had once been a lake.

and at a recently-inhabited nomadic tent site (note chicken still around).

Carol, as you can see, has gotten into photography.

We arrive at the sandscape of Desert Camp Iriki, where we are greeted and immediately served tea.

We’re shown to our tent where, as our itinerary puts it, “In the midst of the sand dunes your luxury tent is a retreat filled with African reed mats, Berber cushions and vintage camp decor, plus an en-suite bathroom with toilet, mirror and sink.”

We watch the sunset from atop a dune, aperitif in hand, then stroll back along the path of lanterns to our dinner by the campfire. Stargaze tonight and then rise with the first hints of the brilliant North African sun to enjoy a breakfast table poised on the rippling sands; tough, huh?

A native woman descends the dunes.It’s Carol, wrapped in a blanket to protect herself from the chill morning air.

After breakfast, we travel the five hours back to Skoura, passing some nomads tending their goats. We arrive at the fabulous Dar Ahlam Kasbah at which we are staying. Pictured below are the grand salon and a lunch they have set for us in the garden.

Though the desert stay had its moments, if we had it all to do over again, we’d have remained at the Kasbah. Basically, it’s eleven hours of driving for a couple of meals and sleeping in the desert, amid the dunes. Having been to Namibia and seen the dunes there, these dunes do not even remotely compare in grandeur and impact. We’re happy to be back at the Dar Ahlam Kasbah, where I’m posting this after lunch, and will finish off the day in tomorrow’s post.

4 comments to Into the Desert

  • PR

    Wow, the dunes are so beautiful! But that is a lot of driving. It’s so cool that Gee-Gee is getting into photography, too. I love the shots you have of her with a camera. She looks legit! Can’t wait to hear more:)

  • PR

    Wow, the dunes are amazing! It’s so cool that Gee-Gee’s getting into photography. I love the shots of her with a camera–she looks legit! Can’t wait to hear more…

  • Zoe (and Max)

    Wow! It looks so beautiful! Sorry about the long drive, though.

  • kay Osborne

    All good from this distance, actually, all amazing and wondrous, K

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